WebTVCreator™: Create your own web TV thanks to the player and its library of modules

  • Flexibility
  • Contextualisation
  • User Generated Content
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Why choose WebTVCreator™?

Editorial control

A control panel can be used to view all of the videos of your Web TV and to select those that you wish to bring to the fore.

Suitable player

You have the possibility of adding sub-titles, slide shows or remarks in your video. You can also download podcasts.

Automatic rating of videos

Our solution includes an automatic rating of your videos according to which are the most viewed and which are receiving the most votes.

User Generated Content

Your visitors can rate your videos, make comments, share them on social networks, making them more viral.


You can create links between videos that deal with the same subject, or that belong to the same category.

Viewing statistics

A statistics module allows your Web TV performance to be measured, reflecting the interest shown by visitors in your videos.